Learn how to build a campaign to advance recycling behavior change

It's never been more important for people to "recycle right."  Imagine creating an education and outreach campaign that is informed with research and tracked with metrics.  You'll walk away from this workshop with just such a social marketing plan outline that you can start using in your community the next day. 

VRA has partnered with Kelley Dennings to bring you this interactive training about social and behavior change. Multiple disciplines will be discussed but the focus will be on social marketing.  Not to be confused with social media marketing like Facebook and Twitter, social marketing uses commercial marketing principles to influence human behavior for societal good.

During the workshop, you will work with colleagues focused on the same behavioral outcome (e.g. decreasing contamination, increasing recycling, increasing composting, decreasing illegal dumping, etc.) to build an outline of a social marketing plan. This tangible deliverable is something that you can walk away using with your community the next day. 

This training is designed for municipal solid waste and recycling managers, city officials, and communications departments to help build science-based education and outreach campaigns to advance beneficial recycling or address other environmental behaviors such as composting, littering and household hazardous waste.

By understanding how the priority audience sees the behavior that is being promoted, including the benefits it would bring and any barriers that may stand in the way, it is possible to implement a campaign that is informed and effective. With research and pilot testing, a successful campaign “marketing mix” will include various messages, psychology-based communication approaches, and diverse channels and outreach strategies. Finally, methods for continuously evaluating a social and behavior change campaign for impact will be explained.

This interactive 3½ hour training will give you various tools, strategies and case studies to help advance behavior change for social good. You'll try out some inexpensive research techniques and create an outline of a marketing plan for a topic of your choosing.


About the Trainer.....

Kelley Dennings, Founding President of the Social Marketing Association of North America

Kelley started her social and behavior change career in the recycling industry and then worked on forest conservation issues. She has conducted social marketing, social media, public relations and traditional advertising projects throughout her 20-year career. She recently finished her master's degree in public health at the University of South Florida, where she became a certified social marketer. She is the Founding President of the Social Marketing Association of North America – a nonprofit membership association for change agents.



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